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Swedish sweets

Lussekatter- Swedish Christmas sweets

The lussekatter are typical Swedish sweets that are traditionally prepared for December 13, the day of Santa Lucia. They usually appear in the shape of an "s", but can also have other shapes.
Also called "Cats of Saint Lucia" for my lussekatter I used vegetable alternatives for sweets without milk proteins.

Glogg (liqueur and spiced mulled wine)

Glögg or Glögi

Glögg or glögi (also known as glogg) is a drink similar to mulled wine, traditional in Scandinavian countries during the Christmas holidays.

Chocolate biscuits, spices and citrus marmalade

Cocoa biscuit flavored with mandarin and turmeric

The cocoa biscuit flavored with mandarin and turmeric are delicious desserts, ideal for breakfast and as a snack, with spicy and citrus notes that make them perfect even for the Christmas holidays.
Soft and spicy biscuits, made with a mix of ingredients that make them an excellent choice for consuming various biscuits and, therefore, a delicious recycling recipe.